18 Signs you find in your Best friend Forever

Someone has rightly Said, “A Friend is someone who knows the song of your heart, and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.”

We all have friends.School Friends,College Friends,office Friends,Friends on Social media.But there is always one among the long list of your friends,who is more than just a friend.Someone who is like family to you.The only person on earth with whom you are yourself.The first one with whom you want to share the biggest news.Someone who comes to your mind when you want to make any plans.Someone very special,on whose shoulders you want to cry when you are upset. Someone who will fight for you, when the world is against you. Someone who is like your family,someone whom you can totally rely on.Someone,with whom you discuss,you argue, you fight, and the very next moment,you laugh together on a stupid joke.Someone with to whom you want to call every second you get.

That someone is your BFF – Best Friend Forever.

Here are top 1 8 Signs you find in your Best friend forever : – 

1.Someone with whom you can be honest and share your heart.
2. Whenever you have a big news,you share with that special person.

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3.You can do anything to make him/her Happy.

4.Someone who can tolerate your stubbornness.

5.Whom you want to gift without any occasion.

6.Someone who is there to listen to you,through your thick and thin.

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7.Someone with whom you always feel safe and Happy.

8.Someone with whom you can gossip endlessly.

9.Someone who can tell you, you are wrong, if you are wrong.

10.Someone who is always concerned about you.

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11. You find your entire family,friends in him/her.

12 .Someone whom you love to tease.

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13.Someone whose company you totally enjoy.

14.Someone who is not at all jealous of you.

15.Someone who knows how to make you smile, and laugh.

16.You can go to his/her place, any time, uninvited.

17.Someone, without whom, your life is incomplete.

18.Someone who gets jealous when you give importance to any other friend.

Life feels amazing, and easier to live, when you have a BFF. You know you have someone who will always listen to you, guide you, support you, motivate you, and will always join you in your craziness.

After all, life is all about living each and every moment. And the presence of a BFF definitely makes every moment of our lives worth living.



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