Breast Implantation In Odisha

Implantation of Breast is not a new thing for the western world. But the trend in Odisha began in 2012 & catches up slowly. According to experts, exposure to literature, media and internet and rising aspirations have made women in Odisha go for breast implantation – a trend popular in metros.“I went for breast augmentation because their size was small. I browsed the internet and came to know that silicone implants are being done in Bhubaneswar,” said a woman.

Patient’s aspirations, the structure of her body and aesthetic sense of surgeon are the three major factor that decides the final cup size. There are also risks in implantation & the risks involved could include rupture, infection, scarring asymmetry and bleeding.

For breast augmentation a silicone prosthesis is implanted under the breast tissue or chest muscle, to increase the bust size. This has become unimaginably successful.

The new technology and tools allowing women to get implants faster, safer, and more natural-looking than ever before.


Women have shed their inhibitions in tune with the times. The number of such surgeries has risen in Odisha due to three reasons – it’s cost-effective, follow-ups are convenient involving less travel cost and language is not an obstacle particularly for those who do not know how to speak English or Hindi. Earlier, people used to go to Mumbai or Delhi for the surgery. Now with the facility available here, women are preferring to get the surgery done in the state.

Types of Breast Implants

Saline breast implants

Structured saline breast implants

Silicone breast implants

Gummy bear breast implants

Round breast implants

Smooth breast implants

Textured breast implants

(Source – The Times of India & Other Sources on the Internet)



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