We Never expected this in 2020

We Never expected this in 2020 !

We Never expected this in 2020! : On 31st December 2019 at 11.59 PM, we all were hoping 2020 to be the best year of our life and wished our loved ones with more glory and success but this year was totally opposite of what we asked for. The series …

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Is Tiktok a Big Problem !!!


On the face of it, short-form mobile video company TikTok’s intentions appear squeaky clean. Tiktok the app where users can capture and share moments that matter in your life. Not only that they can also make use of “various features, stickers, and gestures”. The users of Tiktok also participate in …

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Is it ? A Poem of True Love


Feel the love and read, to find the answers depicted in this poetry. This piece of work is dedicated to all of them who have once in life, “not fallen but experienced true love”. The “Love” is a positive feeling and thus never convert love to a material, which is …

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Trariti Niwas


Tired of collecting the soil from river beds, the Ganga, the Yamuna, the Godavari, the Brahmaputra, the Narmada, the Sindhu and the Kaveri, All fifty-one Shakti peetha and holy animals’ soil arrived, the sculptor’s wife quotes, “Alas! the Vaishyakula maatti was exclusively drenched indeed. After playing under the mighty sun …

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8 Simple Ways To Win Her Heart


Every woman dreams of some actions by their partner to win their heart.It is difficult to know exactly what the desire of a girl.Every girl and has own set of dreams and wishes which they expect to be fulfilled by their love or life partner . But still there are …

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