Five Important things to Know Before Getting Married

It is said – “Marriages are made in Heaven and Celebrated on Earth” . Isn’t it sound like a fairy tale or the marriage of an Angel with her dream hero.Your marriage can always remain a fairy tale if your partner treats you like an Angel or Hero.Life is as simple as you make it, so are marriages.

Here are few points that people should know before getting married.

Make your better half your Best Friend.Be good friends. Don’t marry a stranger and hope you’ll become compatible over time.Start with a solid foundation of love, shared values, common interests, and trust.


Play together. I don’t mean Carrom, Chess, or Cricket. I mean have tickle fights, or chase each other around the home; or roll around in the mud, together. Playing around is another social glue. You need to lose all dignity around each other habitually.


Marry someone who has intimacy needs that match yours. Marriages can work between joined-at-the-hip couples, and they can also work between highly independent couples. But it’s hard to sustain a marriage between a clingy person and a standoffish one.


Make sure you can honestly discuss sex, money, children, in-laws, careers, politics, and religion. These are the contentious subjects that can drive uncommunicative couples apart.

Don’t expect your partner to change. People do change, but not in predictable ways. So if your partner has a drug problem, assume he’ll always have one. Suppose you’re marrying someone with a drug problem, not someone who will, with time, stop taking drugs, and ask if you can live with that. If she doesn’t want children, assume she’ll always not want children. If he has a temper, assume he’ll always have a temper.



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