Our Beagle | Poetry by NIT Rourkela Student

We human beings have forgotten the importance of our own kind. But here comes “Our Beagle”, who being a dog realizes the pain of a socially rejected poor girl. It tried to pull the attention of people towards the girl (stinking nugget) residing in that society. After this, the miracle happened. The girl turned to a “little fairy” providing tea at the tea shop and started earning. Please don’t react to child labour issue; the girl’s age was around 20. The poetry is penned by Rahul Kumar Das.Rahul is pursuing Doctoral Research Fellow
at N.I.T Rourkela in the Odisha state of India.

Four legs balanced onto the door ladder of the sedan carriage
Followed by a velvet cloak fair oldy, with golden webby hairs
Two little hands filthy and weak,
asked for morsel with swinging lips as she could not speak.
Avoiding her pleather entered to the rented royal house with the captivating view,
which was in the fate of very few.
Those winters made me get early with the cows “MOOO”,
pulling me towards terrace to view the foggy rainbow.
From above the street and market crowd with annoying sounds to me,
seemed as if an episode is narrated out there.
This new couple was very interesting to me, as they conducted two walks daily with impish glee.
Three days passed and the episodes were on,
Suddenly a climax broke upon.
Our beagle got rid of Ms cloak
Started tearing the cloth of stinking nugget
She suddenly struggled to get rid of this being
Running random in the market place looking out for aid in keen.
All the idle crowd rushed to help the poor thing
That made me realize that she too was a human being
She got freed, but all were astonished
There wasn’t a scratch on the skin.
I was pleased to god that she was all right,
Reviving the memory I slept late that night.
Yawning in front of the dairy shop while asking for tea,
I found a well-dressed little fairy bringing it to me.
It was a dream or truth I couldn’t believe
Our beagle did it, where we were faithless indeed.

By: Rahul Kumar Das
Doctoral Research Fellow
Prof. Sasmita Mohapatra (Supervisor)
Material Chemistry Laboratory
Department of Chemistry
N.I.T Rourkela, Odisha




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