Things to know about Arnab Goswami’s Republic

The resignation of Arnab Goswami resignation left most people shocked and even baffled.The reason for the resignation as said by Goswami was working towards his independent media venture called the Republic.
Since the day of announcement of the name,the news has kept everyone curious!Will the Republic grab our attention like the Newshour? Read on to know more about the venture…

Investments and advertising

As reported by The News Minute,the venture will primarily be based out of Mumbai.According to an article,a media owner based out of Bengaluru,a major TV distribution network,and an influential advertising and media buying group form part of the team of investors that will be backing Arnab big comeback.

The Idea behind it

At a function by Dainik Bhaskar in Jaipur,Goswami said what prompted him to start off with REPUBLIC.He described an incident when he made the CPM apologise to him for being manhandled by one of its workers after his interview with Jyoti Basu in 1996.“(He) held me,pushed me against a wall,snatched my camera from me at the entrance of the CPM office.He repeatedly pushed me back and almost smashed my head against a wall,” said Arnab, as reported by the Indian Express.


He said when he went back and asked for an apology,he was told, “Go fight your own battles.” “I said that I would sit on a hunger strike outside the CPM office until I get an apology letter. I did so and eventually, I had an apology letter from him,” said Arnab, adding that it was incidents like these which had encouraged him to start “Republic. ”

The Name-‘REPUBLIC’ ?

According to him – “I believe in this country. There is a reason why we have named our venture ‘Republic’.It means ‘for the people’… undiluted and direct to the hearts of our people. If we are true, I know you will not let down my faith in you,”.



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