Is Tiktok a Big Problem !!!

On the face of it, short-form mobile video company TikTok’s intentions appear squeaky clean.

Tiktok the app where users can capture and share moments that matter in your life. Not only that they can also make use of “various features, stickers, and gestures”. The users of Tiktok also participate in in-app challenges. Overall Tiktok it is a creative app which is widely popular in tier-3 and tier-4 India. The app is so popular that there are a Bhojpuri song and video doing the rounds, Tik Tok Pa Video Banaweli and in Odia film industry a user was finalized for a film as the lead actress. The film titled Chirkut.

Everything has both pros and cons. Creative apps can also be misused. People can create and upload porn. While that happens on nearly every social media platform, TikTok’s model appears to be more susceptible. TikTok is not just a platform company. It is probably creating an ecosystem to promote content that could end up hurting minors.

The other social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube have developed a far higher bar on filtering out inappropriate content. They often use a mix of automation and human interventions. “There is no bar in TikTok so far. But they are not directly promoting pornography. But by being on the periphery, and by creating an ecosystem, they are contributing to the problem,” he adds.

The TikTok app was temporarily taken down from online app stores on April 17, 2019, after an interim court order. The ban was subsequently lifted on the condition that the company would regulate its content better.

So what could be done about the problem? The TikTok issue could recur in other apps as well. Industry watchers certainly don’t think banning apps is the solution – Indian authorities have a bias towards using the sledgehammer – banning everything.

A strong privacy law could be a good starting point. One could expect a law this year, once the new government takes over.


Source : MSN



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