Trariti Niwas

Tired of collecting the soil from river beds, the Ganga, the Yamuna, the Godavari, the Brahmaputra, the Narmada, the Sindhu and the Kaveri,

All fifty-one Shakti peetha and holy animals’ soil arrived,
the sculptor’s wife quotes, “Alas! the Vaishyakula maatti was exclusively drenched indeed.

After playing under the mighty sun for seven days, all the other soils dried except the alluring Vaishyakula maatti,
defining itself as slimy, moisty and naughty.

Arriving pressure of puja, occupied with this startling problem,
the sculptor prays to Maa, “O Devi help me overcome the situation.

Durga arrives on the plead of grief and ask him to proceed,
and said, “I have already tasted the tears absorbed in your Vaishyakula maatti”

With faith on Maa’s words he tied hay firmly to the frame, but as the soil was wet it couldn’t retain,
it dropped from the idol here and there, soil to soil was everywhere

Maa read the vain poured on the soil, it was the shiny water rolled down from eyes of children to Vaishyakula workers,
abolished by the villagers, the teachers, the doctors, broken courage never allowed them to move out of their home.

They cried in alone above the soil there, as all had the orthodox statement “Your future is bound within the sphere of your family.”
This unique idol was ready to be worshipped, jeevanyaas following traditions sited vibrant empire,
whoever confronted the idol for blessings, was blessed by a drop of maatti on their elegant attire.

The panchas of village arrived to rectify the complaint, unable to address the dilemma’s need,
Bowed down in front of the idol the panchas requested, “Lead us to the truth, we are unblessed with your heed.”

A drop of soil fell on folded hand of each Pancha and rubbing it with care comprehended them with Maa’s satire,
the sorrow of those young buds in Vaishyakula was audible to them, making them realize that only wet soil can be framed as per desire.

Announcements passed on the victory day, children from Vaishyakula will be all their needs of acceptance and rank,
surprisingly the complete idol dried within an eye blink, everyone eyes turned towards these children holding guilt shrank.

Days passed, these grown-up children excelled their skills transformed the Vaishyakula to a Gurukula,
the compelled practices by their mothers were to settle their stomach’s anger, but now those children had found a substitute to rectify their hunger.

Taking maatti from here rituals were followed to celebrate the Durga diwas, this village named this transformed place as “Trariti Niwas”


NOTE: All the required soil from holy river beds (Ganga, Yamuna, Godavari, Brahmaputra, Narmada, Indus & Kaveri), fifty one goddess Durga pilgrims, holy animals (from elephant’s tusk, lion/tiger’s claw, wild boar’s tusk, buffalo’s horn and cow’s hoof) and the Vaishyakula maatti (prostitute courtyard soil) were collected by the sculptor’s wife. But it was found that after drying all the different soils for seven days, the Vaishyakula maatti remains wet and slimy. It became tough for the sculptor to mix the soil in proportion to make it ready for idol preparation. The disappointed sculptor prays to goddess Durga and in answer is asked to continue the idol preparation with same dampened mud. The goddess knows the actual reason behind the problem. The Vaishyakula maatti was wet with the tears of children of Vaishyas because they were abandoned by the villagers from all their rights. When the Panchas (Five heads of the panchayat) came for rectification of the problem, they were enlightened by the miracle of the goddess. The panchas now understand what the goddess wanted to convey them and so they immediately announced in favour of the rights for those children in the village. Further, as time passed by, these children get well established in life and transform the prostitute courtyard into a wonderful school. In the respect of these children, dwellers of that village named that school as “Trariti Niwas”. Trariti is another name of goddess Durga.

By Rahul Kumar Das (SRF, Chemistry)



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