We Never expected this in 2020

We Never expected this in 2020! : On 31st December 2019 at 11.59 PM, we all were hoping 2020 to be the best year of our life and wished our loved ones with more glory and success but this year was totally opposite of what we asked for. The series of events since the month of January has been so absurd that if in this month we spot aliens also then literally no one of us would be given a second thought that why it happened?

We Never expected this in 2020 !

This book where the events of 2020 will be written, will be perhaps the heaviest volume of general knowledge in history.

So the year started with the trailer of World War 3. People were really afraid and thought President Trump was heading with and intention of the third world War when Iranian general Qasem Soleimani died in an attack by the US.

Nothing can be more terrific than the view of Wuhan when it was under complete lockdown in order to control the spreading of disease.

The Australian wildfire that burned forests and many animals lost their lives. Pictures and videos of animals rushing towards the rescue team were heartbreaking.

In February 2020, the Government amended the CAA and NRC Act. This lead to controversial and multiple protests. People choose their side and started riots between the Anti-Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and Pro-CAA protestors which lead to the destruction of properties in North-East Delhi.

Ever got into a cherry on the top situation well perhaps the attack on students by the armed forces justify this when we were already suffering from protests for CAA and NRC

Another unfortunate incident that resulted in the death of 176 people on board was the Ukrainian plane crash in Iran. After denying for certain times they finally agreed that the plane was hot by them unintentionally.

The economy of several countries was drastically affected after the lockdown was declared in several countries in order to stop the spreading and break contact.

Due to lockdown, many people lost their jobs who went to other places in order to find jobs and support living but unfortunately when the situation was worse they thought of returning to their place on foot.

Murder hornets a deadly species of insect that have the capability to kill a person after a couple of stings was found in the US.


The deadly recent eruption of the Krakatoa volcano in Indonesia has ultimately produced smokes and lava up to a remarkable height of around 13 feet that showed it’s level of danger.

In May 2020, more than 8 were killed and over 300 people were hospitalized including youngsters in a major gas leak from a chemical plant in Vizag. Moreover, 5000 people were reported sick.

Amphan, the cyclone that hit West Bengal and Odisha in the month of May brutally affected the living and caused a lot of harm to materialistic possession. Around more than 70 people died because of this and thousands affected.

Not only Bengal and Odisha due to heavy rainfall and flooding of river many lives were adversely affected by the flood in the Brahmaputra. According to sources more than 2 lakh people were affected by this.

The unfortunate events were continued by another plane crash that was traveling from Lahore to Karachi. The plane got crashed in the local residential area just before a couple of minutes of landing.

Three short videos showing “unidentified aerial phenomena” we’re shot by Navy pilots and officially released by The Pentagon.

Everything this year was happening around after a long period of time like the swarm of locusts came to India after around 27 years and destroyed the crop and vegetation of Rajasthan. Harayana, Madhya Pradesh, parts of Uttar Pradesh, and a lot more.

“Black live matters” This tagline was used by every single person who was supporting the protest of people in America when George Floyd was killed by the police with a mere misunderstanding. People there claimed that it’s not the first time and America never really accepted black people.

The lake’s water of Maharashtra in India turned pink overnight. It is assumed that the lake is around 50000 years old. Experts opine that there must have been certain significant changes in its salinity and behavioral changes in the algae that caused this.

The fire was spread across nearby areas due to an explosion at the natural oil well in Assam’s Baghjan. Due to this, many animals lost their lives and are suffering.

The Sangay fountain of liquid magma emitted in the Amazon district on ninth June. A volcanic ejection in Ecuador left a few urban communities shrouded in debris.

Around 20000 tonnes of diesel got leaked into the river within the Arctic Circle. This event occurred in Russia and because of this state emergency was announced too.

Over 20 Indian soldiers were killed and many were injured due to violent clashes between India and China at the LAC in Ladakh. The Indian-China border is 3,488 km long LAC. China also declared Arunachal Pradesh to be a portion of Southern Tibet.

Let’s just take a moment and stop cursing 2020 and have some guts to accept that whatever is happening is the deed that’s turning towards us.

Hope all of this will finally come to an end. Stay home stay safe.




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