What Experts Say About Planning Baby Amid This Virus ?

In the last 3 months, you must have come across about the importance of immunity in a human body to fight against the deadly coronavirus. Because of having a weak immunity in the body, Senior citizens and children are more prone to get infected by the virus.

It is not the correct time to plan for a baby and get pregnant as infants and also the mother have higher chances to be contracted with Covid-19, said by a doctor specialising in obstetrics & gynaecology. She added, A baby after the birth is at a high risk of acquiring the coronavirus. Pregnant women also have to maintain social distancing with family members in order to stay safe.

But there is also no proof of feto-maternal transmission of the virus in the womb. The child is totally safe inside the womb but can possess a high risk of getting infected straight after birth. Sr. Consultant, Gynaecology & obstetrics Dr S Padma said, “ Covid-19 positive pregnant women are safely delivering the babies by the normal birth procedure and also through the caesarean method. She added, “Better to avoid pregnancy amid this virus as infants are highly vulnerable to the virus because of the tender immunity system.

The current time has led people to live in constant fear. A pregnant woman will also go through the same with stress and tension that would adversely affect the health of the foetus.


Pregnant women who always need help for the family member have to obey the social distancing which can be quite difficult. The constant hospital visit for the regular check-up of a pregnant woman can also increase the risk of getting infected during this time.

Many experts have directed “eager-to-be-parents” to delay the plan and wait till the normalcy is restored. Pregnant women who sense dry cough or breathlessness are directed to report to the hospital immediately and get Covid-19 test if the doctor suggests.

Women should be extremely careful and wear a mask while breastfeeding their baby. As of now, there is no evidence or detection of the spreading of Covid19 through breastmilk of positive patients. In spite of this, family members should maintain hygiene (sanitising freshly brought market products) should be followed. Washing hands frequently and maintain a good physical distance with outsiders should be followed strictly. Kids between 3-12 years also need to stay alert, maintain the distancing and focus on increasing their immunity power.

Above all, a pregnant woman has to stay happy and the love & support of her family will keep both the mother and child health.